Social Security Disability Resources

The Social Security Administration provides disability benefits to Americans suffering from conditions which limit them from Substantial Gainful Activity. At times receiving an approval for these benefits can be problematical with more than 75 percent of initial disability cases denied and only 15 percent approved during reconsideration. A reliable and accurate disability resource allows applicants to properly navigate the Social Security process lending guidance to applicants by providing information on good application practices.


Better Understand the Disability Process

Fully comprehending how the Social Security Administration analyzes an application for disability benefits is no simple task. With so many rules, regulations and fluctuations between states, comprehension can seem impossible. These changing variables often make understanding what requirements are needed to successfully navigate a disability application and its system overwhelming. The Disability Care Center compiles accurate and detailed resources on the Social Security Administration along with their disability approval process in hopes of answering the difficult questions that arise when applying, delivering the piece of mind to Americans applying for Social Security Disability.

Below you will find various resources aimed to assist and answer any question involving Social Security Disability. If an answer cannot be found, our team of experienced Disability Advocates is available to personally guide any claimant through questions or concerns during the disability application or appeal process.

Disability Guide – Evaluation Tool & Glossary Terms

The Disability Care Center created the disability claim evaluator tool allowing potential applicants to quickly assess their eligibility for benefits, informing them if their claim falls within the general requirements listed by the Social Security Administration. You will also find a glossary of commonly misinterpreted words the SSA uses throughout the applicant process broken down into simple definitions helping clarify any vocabulary confusions.

Social Security Disability FAQ’s Answered

Throughout the application process, claimants consistently ask or have similar questions and concerns regarding eligibility, appealing denials or other commonly asked questions. Unfortunately, most of these answers are buried deep within and are not easily accessible to your average American. Thankfully our experienced disability advocates put together disability and SSI FAQ’s to answer all of these commonly asked questions helping prepare claimants in taking their next step towards receiving disability benefits

Social Security Disability Pre-Application Recommendations

Statistically, first-time applicants are denied over 70% of the time when applying for disability benefits. The lack of transparency from the SSA in specifying exactly what is required to complete a successful application causes so many denials. Potential claimants then become confused making simple mistakes while applying resulting in a wrongful denial. Quick tips and recommendations on what is needed to successfully submit an application for can disability will drastically increase the chances for approval.

Low-Cost Clinics – National Medical Resources

Receiving an approval for disability benefits requires extensive medical documentation be shown to the Social Security Administration during the application or appeal. Often applicants who do deserve disability are denied due to lack of medical documentation or treatment. Unfortunately, the lack of treatment or denial is the result of not being able to afford a doctor. The Disability Care Center maintains a list of low-cost clinics in all major cities throughout the United States giving potential claimants the ability to receive proper medical treatment for approval.

Social Security Office Locations – National

Even though the Social Security Administration is head quartered in Woodlawn Maryland their office is structured with satellite offices all around the United States with 10 regional offices and each region having multiple offices throughout that region. Claimants, who need to directly interact with the Social Security Administration, please click Local Social Security Offices to find a local disability office in your region.

Handicap Parking Assistance For the Disabled

Most Americans who are receiving disability benefits qualify for more than their monthly check. An applicant who is awarded benefits and is limited in their mobility may also qualify for handicap parking. Parking for disabled Americans is nationally recognized and allows individuals to park closer to store fronts or entrances into businesses for easier access.

Social Security Disability Representation – Application & Appeal Assistance

When disability applications are denied a claimant has less than a 10% of receiving an approval unless they seek out experienced representation. It is common for an applicant to seek out representation before or during the application process to ensure they win disability benefits. Social Security Disability attorneys or Advocacy organizations are professionals who are trained in the practices of social security disability giving the claimant a fighting chance to receive their disability benefits.