Who we are

Abrazo Disability Care Center

Abrazo Disability Center is an advocacy group aimed at assisting disabled Americans successfully apply or appeal for Social Security Disability Benefits. It’s our goal to navigate Americans through any stage of the Social Security Disability process while offering comprehensive resources in one concentrated location.
We connect our visitors with helpful resources to answer the complicated questions that arise when dealing with the Social Security Administration. Our teams of disability advocates stay up-to-date with the best practices on Social Security Disability offering their knowledge through content published on

Disability Advocates

The Disability Advocates at Abrazo Disability Care Center have experienced professionals in evaluating and handling the processes associated with applying or appealing for Social Security Disability. Millions of Americans file or appeal for disability benefits every year and are wrongfully denied. Our Disability Advocates offer helpful resources and their experience to anyone who reaches out to them, and because the goal at the DCC is to gain approval for the claimant all of these resources are offered at no cost.

Public Outreach

Social media continues to grow with popularity and gives our public outreach team the opportunity to connect individuals around the country who have been touched with similar illnesses. We talk with the claimant and continue to grow the awareness on Social Security Disability and the best practices during an application. Our team is happy to provide more information to anyone in the community that needs specific answers or just wants to talk about what we do. We can be reached via Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

Why We Help

Our whole team understands the financial, physical and emotional hardships applicants are enduring when forced to apply for disability benefits. After the opportunity of having worked one-on-one with thousands of Americans suffering from unexpected injuries or illnesses that have affected them for a lifetime; it gives our organization great pleasure to know we not only got these individuals through the process but approved for the maximum benefit amount possible. Our goal is to continue and bring awareness to the benefits available for all individuals who are suffering unable to work while navigating them through this rigorous process.

It is our promise to ensure

• All approved claimants obtain Medicare to give optimal medical care proper medical care
• Prevent any possible wrongful or technical denials from an error in the application process
• Ensure monthly benefits are maximized giving the highest quality of life possible
• Avoid months or years in delayed benefit for untimely responses to the SSA

Thank you for trusting our team to provide the most accurate and helpful information possible to better assist disabled Americans to navigate SSI & SSDI. We will continue to work hard to ensure we don’t let you down!